1. Larder Cupboards

The concept of a Larder has evolved over the years and more recently, Larder cupboards are a must-have in any dream kitchen and are ideal for organising your Kitchen essentials. They are our most ordered product and one of our favourites to design and make! We design fitted Larder cupboards, doubling as a fridge housing units, but our most requested styles are our freestanding Larders. Our customer’s often make their new Larder a statement piece in their Kitchen and will choose a bold colour choice.

2. Housekeepers Cupboards

Housekeepers Cupboards are right up there in terms of popularity. Our Housekeepers Cupboards are essential if you’re looking to maximise storage and organisation in your home. Our cupboards are beautifully handcrafted and offer practicality as well as flexibility. As standard, we build our cupboards with an adjustable peg & hole system so that you can switch up the configuration to suit. Our customers use their Cupboards for a range of purposes – from linen cupboards to children’s toys, the generous shelving will help you neatly organise your space.

  1. Sideboards

We make just as many Rustic Plank Sideboards as we do our Farrow & Ball colour matched painted versions. Our classic range feature a Shaker Style design with cupboard and drawer storage. Sideboards are a timeless addition to your living space as they are versatile and offer storage wherever they are used, such as in the kitchen-diner, living room or hallway. Depending on your storage needs, you can swap out a cupboard for a waxed Rustic Plank wine rack.

  1. Farmhouse Tables

A dining-table is a staple in most homes, whether found in it’s own room or as part of a Kitchen. Our classic Farmhouse style remains as popular now as it was when we first started making them 25 years ago. We offer turned or square legs depending on your style and you can customise the painted base colour to compliment your home. The exposed wooden tops are enhanced by our wax and lacquer wood finishes.

  1. Rustic Plank Bedroom Sets

Coming in at number 5 on our best-sellers list are our Rustic Plank Bedroom Sets. Rustic Plank is a beautiful wood & compliments your space, whatever your style at home. We think this is what makes them such a popular choice when shopping for bedroom furniture as they are so versatile and hard-wearing – bonus! Due to the nature of this material, they are often a more cost-conscious choice for furniture. Our customer’s often order more than one piece of Rustic Plank furniture at a time and frequently opt for matching Bedsides, Chest of Drawers, Beds and Wardrobes.

You can shop our classic range of Larders, Housekeeper’s Cupboards, Sideboards and Farmhouse Tables online. If you would like to discuss bespoke options tailored to meet your space, as well as Rustic Plank Bedroom sets, please get in contact with us here.