Term and Conditions

Here at Cobwebs, we aim to make everything from initial design to delivery as stress free as possible. This information pack will provide you with our terms and conditions, covering everything from your order, aftercare and how best to look after your furniture. We’ve tried to make it as simple as possible, but please feel free to contact us if you are unsure about anything.


Our products are made from natural materials wherever we can. Changes in colour, texture and wood grain, are just a characteristic of this. Every piece of wood is different, so you can expect to find differences in the grain and natural knots and colour. With rustic plank pine and rustic oak, in addition to the above, the manufacturing process is left visible.  This can include saw and strap marks which are in no way a defect or fault.  If you would like photographic samples of this please contact one of our team.

It’s worth noting that wood moves due to changes in temperature and humidity. After time there may be minor cracks, swelling or shrinkage. This is completely normal and will not affect the durability of your furniture.

Paint colours are matched, but because our paint is produced using natural pigments, there may be some slight colour variances in different batches. Paint colour is likely to change over a period of time, due to sunlight exposure and moisture content in the air.

Our painted Furniture is made using Tulip Wood and Radiata Pine which are knot free and ideal for painting. After time you may experience some snagging issues such as minor cracking and movement of timber; this is completely normal and is a result of a natural material stabilizing to your home environment.

For quality purposes some elements of our Furniture will contain MDF, due to its strength and resistance to cracking and shrinking.

Please note that ex-display pieces are sold as they are and might have the odd knock or bump on them.

Placing your order

When placing your order, we require a 30% deposit up front to put your order in the system. Until the deposit is paid, your order will not be processed. Final Payment will be paid before delivery of your item.

Upon placing your order, we will endeavour to send out your Confirmation of order document, Invoice and Drawings as soon as possible.

Confirmation of order Document

Once you have placed your order and paid your deposit, we will send you out a confirmation of order document. On this document you will find all the details of your order including measurements, paint choice, wood choice, handle choice, hinge choice etc.

It is your responsibility to check this document and that all the information is correct before signing, dating it and returning it to us.

*Please note: On this document there is a section that is for Customer responsibilities. This section outlines anything that is your (the customer) responsibility, i.e.  removing skirting boards, electrical sockets etc. Please ensure you have understood what is required of you, so Cobwebs can complete your order.

If you have checked and signed this document, it means work can begin on your furniture. If any details are wrong, then unfortunately we are unable to correct them.

Cancelling your order

Once your order is processed, if you wish to cancel the item, you can do so, but we will keep your deposit.

You can cancel your order before you have sent your confirmation of order document and we will reimburse your deposit.

*Please note: In some case’s and at our discression, we will keep a £100 cancellation administration fee.  This will be in cases where paperwork has been raised and / or materials purchased.


Our Furniture is handmade, so with measurements please allow for up to +/- 10 mm tolerance. If any measurements must be exact, then please let us know when placing your order.

If you have provided Cobwebs with your own measurements and upon delivery your furniture does not fit, we will expect the remaining balance to be paid.

We will leave the furniture with you and if you wish for alterations to be made, this may be possible but will come at an additional charge. It is best to talk through the options with one of our team.

When measuring up for your item, please take into consideration any skirting boards, sockets and plastering. We advise measuring in several places, several times.

Time Frames

When placing your order we will give you an indication of when your item will be ready for collection or delivery. Please note that these are rough guides, and although we endeavour to deliver within these time frames, sometimes there are circumstances beyond our control that may hinder this. If we believe there to be an issue with delivering within our estimated time frame, we will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible.


Delivery of furniture by our team will be to the room of your choice. Please note, if the delivery is booked with a third-party delivery team, this cannot be guaranteed.

Please ensure you have checked that your new piece of furniture will fit through doorways, around tight turns, up staircases and underneath ceilings. If door frames or bannisters need to be removed to get your furniture in, then please make sure this is done before our delivery team arrive and please ensure the room is clear.

When placing your order, if you are unsure if your furniture will fit in your house, please get in touch.

Upon delivery, please ensure that there is clear access for our team. If you live in an area where there is limited access, then please let us know and organise any parking permits we may need to offload.

Please note that when our team deliver your furniture, we are not responsible for moving existing furniture, appliances, or any wiring, cables or plugs. Please ensure that you have taken into consideration any plugs or skirting boards etc when you place your order and that any furniture or appliances are moved to give the team clear access.  Overhead lighting is often overlooked (excuse the pun!)

Please check your furniture thoroughly before our delivery team leave. If there are any knocks or dents made when delivering or in transit then we will touch up the item free of charge, providing you followed our delivery preparations stated above.

If furniture is left unchecked for any reason upon delivery or moved after delivery we are not liable for any dents, scratches etc that are found by you afterwards.

After care

Although we hope there are no problems with your furniture, sometimes issues arise.

Here at Cobwebs we pride ourselves in our After sales.

All Wood and painted furniture, including ours, needs to be looked after with care.

You will find a guide of how best to look after your new furniture when we deliver.

*Please note: We are therefore not liable for any faults that may arise as a result of not following these guides.

The things we don’t cover

  • Normal wear and tear (like dents and scratches)
  • Pieces that have been moved, changed or altered by others.
  • Pieces that have had work done on or around them ie. Worktops added, socket holes cut, flooring etc
  • Natural changes, like fading and cracking in timber, and colour changes in paint
  • If fitted, pieces that were not fitted by one of our Carpenters
  • Appliances, sinks and taps from another company
  • If you move your furniture from its original location at some point after delivery.
  • Ex-display pieces
  • Accidental damage, or anything that you’ve caused by neglecting your piece or by not following or care guide. We can always help repair the damage, but there will be a charge.
  • Pieces affected by Temperature for example: underfloor heating, harsh direct sunlight, placement near ovens, radiators or heaters

If any issues do arise, it’s best to contact one of our team and we will let you know if it’s something we will cover.


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